Release Notes 2.6.4

Release Notes 2.6.4

Date: 23 JAN 2019

New Features and Enhancements

Component: Data Ingestion and Synchronization

  • IPD-6117: Support for Ingesting Mainframe Data Files Using CopyBook Layout

    Users can now ingest sequential files generated from mainframe systems with the corresponding copybook layout as schema. It supports different file organizations in data files, for example, fixed_byte_enter_font, fixed_char_enter_font, text_byte_enter_font.

  • Support for Micro-Seconds in Epoch
    Derived-based epoch partitioning now supports epoch in micro seconds. Earlier, derived-based epoch partitioning supported only seconds and milliseconds.

Updates and Fixes

  • IPD-6495: MapR-DB Target Failure Issue Fix in Pipelines
    Pipeline batch builds failed when MapR-DB target was used. This issue was because the MapR-DB target failed to read the HDFS location of MapR table which has now been fixed.
  • Streaming Ingestion Scale Issue Fix
    Race condition is now handled in code when multiple topics are subscribed at once.


Refer Installation to install ADE 2.6.4.

NOTE: Ensure you install the Infoworks licence after installing Infoworks ADE 2.6.4.

Upgrading to This Release

To upgrade your current Infoworks ADE version, execute the following commands on the edge node:

NOTE: Before starting the upgrade, ensure that all Infoworks services are running and no Infoworks jobs are running.

  1. Navigate to the bin directory using the following command:

cd $IW_HOME/bin

where, $IW_HOME is the directory where the Infoworks ADE is installed.

  1. Download the update script using the following command:

wget <link-to-download>

Please reach out to your Infoworks representative to get the link to download and replace <link-to-download> with the link.

  1. Upgrade the Infoworks ADE version using the following command:

bash <version>

NOTE: Ensure you specify the target version in <version>.

For example, bash 2.6.4

NOTE: Ensure you follow the below steps after upgrade to fix the Orchestartor scheduler.

Orchestrator Scheduler Fix

  1. Navigate to the following file:
    NOTE: $IW_HOME is assumed to be /opt/infoworks; change the appropriate location.
  1.  Modify the function definition
    def __init__(self, owner=’IW Admin’,, provide_context=True, depends_on_past=False):
    def __init__(self, owner=’IW Admin’, start_date=datetime.min, provide_context=True, depends_on_past=False):
  1. Restart the Orchestrator web server using the following commands:
    cd /opt/infoworks/apricot-meteor/infoworks_python/infoworks/orchestrator/bin
    sh orchestrator-webserver –restart

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